How to Use

The photos below illustrate some suggested ways to hold the BackBall. The smaller end works well on the neck and shoulders while the larger end works best on the upper and lower back. For best results remove extra layers of clothing and get as comfortable as possible. A total BackBall workout should take between 5 and 10 minutes.

Holding the BackBall as shown, begin your search for tender spots. Listen to your body, it will let you know when you've found an area that needs work. Breathe deeply then apply pressure. If the spot does not begin to relax and melt in 10 seconds, apply pressure in a series of spots spiraling out from the initial area. If a muscle seems resistant to relaxing, move on to a different area and come back to it later. Remember to breathe.

When applying pressure to these tender areas realize that—as with a massage—a temporary heightening of discomfort is to be expected prior to the relief that only relaxation brings.

Push away from your body using the palm of your hand on the lower ball. The force is transferred to the opposite ball. Use your other hand to steady the BackBall and help direct the pressure.

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trigger points

Trigger Points

Tender, tense areas or trigger points may correspond to acupressure points shown. Don't be surprised to locate two or three tender spots in several different locations.