The Back-Story

I've been prone to the spasm of a particular muscle in my upper back for years. Knowing from experience that direct pressure relieved the pain—but unable to reach it myself—I'd occasionally ask a relative or friend to apply deep pressure to that trigger point. Most of the time they could not get the right amount of pressure on exactly the right spot to bring relief.

Professional massage helped me for a while but was expensive and not available at unexpected times (middle of the night, on a Sunday, etc.)

So, 16 years ago, I invented the BackBall. It puts the perfect pressure on exactly the right spot, every time because you are in control. You can use the BackBall any time, 365 days a year for less than the cost of a massage.

I hope that you find the BackBall as helpful at relieving your back, neck, and shoulder pain as I have.

trigger points

Trigger Points

Tender, tense areas or trigger points may correspond to acupressure points shown. Don't be surprised to locate two or three tender spots in several different locations.

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